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When the construction machinery meets the “Internet+”

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When the "Internet +" wind blew across the country, various traditional machinery manufacturers were also anxious to think about how to transform. After specifically visiting a provincial excavator brand agent, they came back and thought carefully for two days. The article hopes that the person in charge of traditional industries like him can help in thinking about the direction of transformation.

When the Internet + encountered the automotive aftermarket, the country quickly fired, a variety of car wash software cam face to face, at the same time, the software has car wash, maintenance, repair and other on-site service, so that the major car owners a lot easier.
But when the construction machinery (excavator, etc.) meets the Internet + after the market, what should we do?
I. Analysis of industry pain points
1. For the machinery (excavator, etc.) market, equipment owners live in very scattered locations with very low distribution density.
2, due to the distance, resulting in major brands of after-sales service can not be effectively tracked and resolved.
3, excavator owners usually equipment maintenance measures are not very reasonable, will affect the life of the equipment;
4, the maintenance price is too high, and maintenance equipment parts use is not reasonable, the use of the original parts of the lower proportion.
Second, the target user analysis
The owners of construction machinery (excavators, etc.) are divided into two types: companies and individuals. Companies can raise several to several tens of vehicles; they are easy to rent or use in large projects; individual owners are mainly used for home use. The general cultural level of this group is not very high. The place of residence is very scattered and the distribution density is very low.
Third, the platform can provide what services?
1. The platform will recruit a group of maintenance and repair masters in the private sector and provide related services directly to the demander's distance;
2, the platform will be directly manufacturers to purchase, ensure that maintenance and use of parts and components are factory direct supply;
3, second-hand information release: For sellers and wish to purchase can publish information directly on the platform,
There can also be new brand shopping guides, retail accessories, user manuals, maintenance notes, tips for use, etc.;
Fourth, self-built platform can give users what benefits?
1. Solve the employment problem of some people with maintenance skills;
2. Help excavator users save maintenance costs by at least 30%;
3, to extend the life of the machine, the general maintenance of the problem often arises: either accessories are not factory parts, or the free use of lubricants, and these are very much affect the mechanical life;
4, to provide information service platform for second-hand excavator traders.
Fifth, how to promote?
Characteristics of the post-market of construction machinery: low degree of service modularity, low frequency of service demand, high market profit after machinery, construction machinery as a production tool, customer's attention to construction machinery is higher than that of automobiles, and construction machinery's aftermarket The high customer loyalty and the high response speed to solve the demand require high standards; the owners of construction machinery (excavators, etc.) are generally not very high in cultural level, and living is very dispersed. How to promote is the biggest difficulty.
1, the cost of one visit is too high
Obviously, the owner of the machinery is very decentralized. Traditionally, downloading and installing registration APPs to the users face-to-face makes it difficult to complete the accumulation of the first batch of seed users. Due to the high market profit after machinery, the cost of individual users can be in a higher range. If the platform can accept, it can properly take one visit to obtain some of the first group of seed users.
2, telephone text message promotion
Although the success rate of telemarketing is low, it is the easiest way to register the first batch of users with other methods. The information of the excavator owner can be obtained through the channel. Through the introduction of the phone, the short message can be issued to the other party by the two-dimensional code or the public number, so that the other party can pay attention; or directly ask for the other party's micro signal code.
3, WeChat public number promotion
The cost for downloading, installing, and registering an APP is much higher than letting users pay attention to a WeChat public account, not to mention that the user is still far away and not in front of it. When the first batch of users used the WeChat public number for some time, they established a certain degree of trust, and then let users download the APP through WeChat built-in links. In WeChat's micro-mart, you can put enough content to attract attention, so that users continue to focus on WeChat or try to use the service.
4. Promotion of Weibo, blogs, forums and news websites
Although excavator users generally do not use these social media, their pro-friends can use it and introduce them to them. In addition, they also have a certain probability to see that they can't miss any promotion.
5, application mall promotion APP
Because this kind of product is difficult to do, the average startup company does not have the strength to do, resulting in very few applications mall and excavator related products, 360 mobile assistant shows only an information service platform, at present there is no domestic app to provide post-market services.
6, website promotion APP
For a user group with a low level of education, the computer is very convenient to view the information platform, and usually still use the computer to view the message. After all, the screen is large; although they play the mobile phone for a longer time, they use the mobile phone mainly for entertainment purposes. Purchase or establish PC excavator portal information website, publish excavator industry brand information, product model quotation, accessories quotation, user manual, maintenance manual, maintenance manual, purchase of new product guides, second-hand goods trading information, etc. information. The APP is placed on a prominent place on the website to download the two-dimensional code. The PC side is mainly to increase the trust level and cultivate the user's feelings. The mobile phone terminal will continue to continue this level of trust.
7, WeChat, APP skills operation
Due to the low frequency of mechanical post-market service demand, how to increase the client's stickiness of the product or the retention of the product is a problem that must be paid attention to in the operation process, and it is possible to consider a platform-building community, games and other entertaining ways.
Sixth, supplement to their own business
For any excavator agent, how to better do after-sales service is a difficult problem. After the user purchases, the place where the machine is used is a certain distance away from the company. The company cannot have a maintenance station in every city. Through platforms such as APP and WeChat, direct service through the use of non-governmental resources is definitely the lowest cost, and it is also of great benefit to the establishment and promotion of its own brand.
It is believed that the post-mechanism market will be plugged into the wings of the Internet, and it will be possible to explore a model that is of great significance for the transformation of traditional industries.

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