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Why does construction machinery need special lubricant?

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According to the store's understanding, many construction machinery owners and users directly apply ordinary vehicle lubricants to construction machinery and equipment. This is a practice that does not use machine maintenance. So what kind of engineering lubricants is suitable?

Lubricating oil for construction machinery, it must be able to handle four major problems

High-sulphur fuels (requires high base-value formulas to avoid the corrosion of initiators by acidic substances produced when high sulfur fuels are burned)

Harsh environment, especially dust (requires super clean dispersibility, control sludge caused by soot and dust)

Poor operating conditions, slow heavy load, long-term operation (requires excellent heavy-duty anti-wear function, reduce wear of initiator parts)

Poor maintenance conditions (requires better anti-wear, anti-oxidation and sludge resistance, extend the life of the engine and reduce maintenance costs)

Advantages of special lubricants for construction machinery

In construction machinery, because the quality of diesel purchased outdoors is not stable, and the sulfur content of diesel is high, the acidity of incineration is more than that of road vehicles, and corrosion of the engine parts may be formed; It is difficult to perform regular maintenance. Therefore, it is required that the construction machinery to initiate engine oil has a good alkalinity storage, and that the generated acid can be neutralized and burned within the entire maintenance cycle.

The oil change period initiated by construction machinery is generally around 250 hours, which is equivalent to 20,000 kilometers of cars traveling, which is about 3 times of the required oil replacement period of the car; at the same time, the sludge and product occur because the initiator is in a low speed and high load condition for a long time. The carbon is higher than that of the ordinary initiator, thus requiring the construction machinery to initiate the engine oil with excellent cleaning and anti-wear functions, and it is useful to maintain the initiator during the entire oil change period.

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